Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

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Aims and scope

The Journal publishes original contributions on the application, development and evaluation of psychoanalytic ideas and therapeutic interventions in the public health sector and other related applied settings. The Journal aims to promote theoretical and applied developments that are underpinned by a psychoanalytic understanding of the mind. Its aims are consonant with those of the Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the NHS (APP in the NHS) in promoting applied psychoanalytic work and thinking in the public health care system, across the whole age range.

We welcome submissions from mental health professionals and researchers from all relevant professional backgrounds. We are interested in a range of papers: clinical and single case studies used to illustrate the development of a specific theoretical point, or the application of analytic work in particular settings and/ or with a specialist patient group; systematic reviews and empirical evaluations of the application of psychoanalytic ideas and of innovative therapeutic interventions; rigorous theoretical papers; papers addressing policy issues that impact on the practice of psychoanalytic therapy and/ or the applied work of analytically informed practitioners, or papers that make a contribution to the development of mental health policy. We especially welcome submissions that engage in constructive debates within and between the diverse traditions within psychoanalysis. Similarly we welcome papers that develop dialogues between psychoanalytic practitioners and colleagues practicing within other therapeutic modalities.